Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm back! (Well, at least in this moment)

As of this week, some of the craziness is gone from my life. I successfully completed a library science class and embraced a new "integrated library system." Finishing the class puts at least five hours a week back into my available hours, not counting the hours the homework required. Completing the migration to the new library system moves me from prep work for that transition to exploring the possibilities in the new system. I am reminded once again of my personal geekiness as learning the system becomes my new candy.

Ah... the horizon broadens. So many opportunities, so many choices.

And then I realize that Christmas is looming on that horizon. Not even on the horizon, actually. It is bearing down on me with alarming speed. Last time I counted, the town Christmas tree lot had nine trees left. That was a few days ago. How far will I have to go to get a live tree for my children to enjoy when they come home?

Have I mentioned that Christmas is not "the most wonderful time of the year" for me? Maybe someday I'll figure out how to enjoy it instead of being ambushed by it. I wonder if thirteen days is enough time to learn that skill.

So maybe I'll be back soon or maybe it will be later. Maybe I'm just out of topics for public ponderings.

To anyone who happens across this post in a timely fashion: "Have yourself a merry little Christmas!"